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Welcome! I have signed up for the Write 31 Day Challenge for the month of October. Last year over 1200 bloggers signed up. The beauty is there is no pressure if you do not get all 31 days covered.  It is just for fun! This year they gave us a choice of posting on our blog or Instagram. I will be posting on Instagram every day.  Also, I will be listing each question every day on my blog so you can follow along instead of Instagram.

If you scroll down on the Home Page of my website you will see my Instagram account is linked so you can click on a post in Instagram right from my blog.

Many bloggers and writers have signed up for this challenge to blog 31 days on a particular topic. My topic is a Bible Q & A.  Every day I post a question along with the answer from the previous days’ question. You can put your answer to the question in the comment section on Instagram.  It will be a fun way to learn something about the Bible that maybe you didn’t know.  Also to see how much you already know about the Bible! I will be asking questions about the history of the Bible and stories in the Bible. I love the Bible and it has helped me in so many ways. I love to teach so I thought I would put both my passions together and see what happens.

I have most of my 31 questions picked out but if you have a suggestion for a question, please put it in the comment section of this blog post. If you would like to participate in this challenge with your blog, go to Blessings and remember God loves you!

Question 1 – What was the first Bible brought to America on the Mayflower?

Answer 1 -1560 Geneva Bible came over on the Mayflower in 1620. Yes, the King James Bible was around by then but this group of pilgrims chose the Geneva.  People like Shakespeare and John Bunyan used the Geneva in their writing. Back in that day, Bible was not easy to purchase for the general public like today.  This one was made available to public and it was the first to have study notes!  Blessings.

Question 2 – How many years passed between Old Testament and New Testament?

Answer 2 – 400 years. They call it ‘400 years of silence’ because there were no prophets that God spoke to as He did in the O.T. There are many historical events recorded in books that happened during those years. See question 3 today to learn one of the many events that took place during the ‘400 years of silence’.

Question 3 – During the 400 years between O.T. and N.T. MANY historical events happened. They were not recorded in the Bible. ONE, in particular, played a role (behind the scenes) in the New Testament. Can you name one that was significant? Can you tell me why it was important for the period of the New Testament?

Answer 3 – During the ‘400 years of silence’ between O.T. and N.T. we meet Alexander the Great, King of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. He lived 356 B.C. to 323 B.C.  He had one of the largest Empires in history. He infused Greek culture and the Greek language all through his Empire including Israel. By 300 years later it made sense to put a version of the N.T. in Greek to take to the nations.  Making it possible to reach many countries with the Gospel. This answers Question 3 asking, “ what was the behind the scenes result of a historical event?”

They since have found original manuscripts of different books in the New Testament in Hebrew as well. Most of the original scriptures were in Greek in N.T. Our English Bibles today have been translated from the Hebrew and Greek. Hebrew for O.T. and Greek for N.T. During the Greek era, the Jews translated their O.T. scriptures into Greek and called it the Septuagint.

Like today, English is a significant percentage of the languages spoken around the world. Also making it easier to bring the Gospel to the world. The Romans came on the scene and taking over the Greek Empire around 275 B.C. Romans conquered Israel around 63 BC and installed taxes and other rules. Rome dictated government rules as well. Romans had not stopped them from worshipping in the Temple until 70 AD

In 33 AD, the day Jesus was nailed to the cross, Israel had three main languages; Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. The sign they nailed to Jesus’ cross had the phrase in all three languages.  At that time, the Latin language of the Romans had not infiltrated the nations of the Empire.  So the Greek was still the one most widespread.  People across the Empire spoke their native languages as well.

Question 4 – What is your favorite Bible verse?

Answer 4 – My favorite verse is John 17:23 Jesus said to His Father, “I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.”  Wow, the same love that Jesus and God have for each other is the same love they have for us!!

Question 5  – Who commissioned the King James Version of Bible and what year was it commissioned?

Answer 5 – The king of England and Scotland, King James, commissioned the Bible in 1604.  He picked the 47 scholars that he wanted to work on his Bible.  It published in 1611. It was first called ‘Authorized Version, ’ but over 100 years or so it changed to ‘King James Version.’

Question 6 – Why is Isaiah 53 important? Why is the Book of Isaiah called the 5th Gospel?

Answer 6 – Isaiah Chapter 53 prophetically spoke about how Jesus, our Messiah, was going to die for us. It also describes things like disfigured and bear our sins. He would be our substitute and voluntarily accept our guilt and punishment for sin. He will make a blood atonement. Buried in a rich man’s tomb and die with other sinners (two other men on the cross with Jesus). There is more, but we all know that Jesus fulfilled all of these. Isaiah 53 gives us a glimpse into God’s love plan to restore total fellowship with us. John 10 tells us, Jesus, willingly laid down His life for us.


So now you can see how it is called 5th Gospel.  In other chapters of Isaiah, he mentions things like a virgin will conceive, and a child is born to be a sign. It also indicates in Chapter 7 that these will all be signs that the Lord will provide.  In Chapter 61 it tells of the type of ministry Jesus will have.  Jesus Himself quotes it in Luke 4.  Many people, Jew and Gentile, have accepted Jesus as their Savior from reading Isaiah.

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