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Courage is not what you think it is.  When you feel safe, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you act courageously. Join me as I share the true definition of courage, where it starts and how your identity plays a key role.  I also will outline your most powerful tool to stand courageously. Oh…and find out who the big chicken is.

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  • Diana Linscott

    This is wonderful, Cindy! You are courageous in this new endeavor.

    • Cindy Spencer

      Thank you, Diana! It is a combination of my desire to encourage others, bring hope and knowing Jesus is my net:)

  • Jennifer DeLoach

    Cindy, Thanks so much for that powerful message!! What an encouragement it is to know we can go do what the Lord has told us to do with no fear because He is our safety net… No worries, No fear! Perfect love our Lord has for us! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Cindy Spencer

      Glad you liked this blog post. Jesus is truly the only way to be courageous. He likes to come along side and bring strength even when we feel like a chicken. Blessings!

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