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Earlier today, July 21, 2016 I was in a creative mood and designing some images for this website and decided to do a post about our first time ever seeing the Earth.  I was only 7 years old when it happened and so I don’t remember this event but back in 2010 God led me on a journey studying NASA and the moon landing and was very impacted by these photos I have attached in this post. It was like I was seeing it for the first time. Most scholars say that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago from data in the Bible. So can you imagine all those years and we never saw what earth looked like. Then, July 20th, 1969 this photo was taken of Earth while Astronauts still on the Moon. Then the bottom photo was taken on July 21, 1969 of the Moon as they were flying back to Earth. God reminded me of this event today but I didn’t remember what date it originally happened until I went in my other room where I still have these photos I printed in 2010 of the event and that is when I realized that today and yesterday were the anniversary of this amazing event in our world history! Wow God, thank you for reminding me of this day that You unfolded Your special creation called Earth which is a one-of-a-kind planet just for us!
Earth from on the moon 1969Moon in 1969

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