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Short and Fun Look at the BibleClick Here to Pre-Order button This book has been written just for fun.  It is an e-book in PDF format. Take it along to the coffee shop or your comfy couch at home. Take it wherever you go with your computer or tablet.  I have included a few scriptures with the photos so you can get a visual of places mentioned in your Bible.  Most of the chapters in this book take you through the New Testament.  They tie into Jesus life as written in the Gospels.

In addition, you will find some links in the book to click on that will take you to some short videos of places like Sea of Galilee and more. The video on Sea of Galilee was filmed from a boat as we crossed over to Tiberias.  It was beautiful, especially knowing that Jesus and the disciples were there too.

There are a few chapters that show you photos of scenes from the Old Testament.  The pictures in this book were taken by my friend and me when we took a tour of the Holy Land in 2012.  When I came home, I found it more fun when reading my Bible because I had seen the places mentioned in the Bible.  They were not just words on a page anymore.

Also, since I love to teach there are some tidbits of history and facts in each chapter.  I encourage you to look up some of the verses that I list in each chapter.  It can be a part of your quiet time with the Lord.  Enjoy!

After you sign up for the pre-order of this book, look for it to come in your email inbox on December 17, 2017. It is an e-book in PDF format. Your credit card will not be charged until then.  It will go up to 5.00 on December 18, 2017. Just click on the orange button above. Blessings, Cindy Spencer

A new addition! I now have an Amazon store.  It only has a few handpicked items that I use for photography and some books I recommend. It is an affiliate link so I do receive a percentage of anything you purchase. But please, no pressure from me for you to buy off this link!  I mainly wanted a central place I could list items that I really like and know others would too. Click on this Amazon link or the image to the right and check it out. Blessings, Cindy Spencer

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